CFTC v. Timothy Joseph Atkinson, Jay Passerino,
All in Publishing, LLC, & Gasher, Inc.
Case No. 1:18-cv-23992-JEM


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If you transferred funds to any of the binary options trading platforms, firms and/or websites marketed by defendants (the "Binary Options Campaigns") or if you  are a creditor of any defendant, you may be entitled to receive a payment from funds recovered in this CFTC enforcement action. The deadline for all customers and creditor to submit claims to the receiver is October 21, 2020. This questionnaire will determine if you are eligible to complete a Proof of Claim and Release Form.

In order to recover funds to which you may be entitled as an Eligible Claimant (as defined in the Legal Notice of Claims Administration Process and Plan of Distribution (the “Legal Notice”) [ECF # 242-3]) in this CFTC enforcement action, you must complete a Proof of Claim and Release Form and sign it under penalty of perjury where indicated.

If you are NOT an Eligible Claimant, as that term is defined in the Legal Notice, DO NOT submit a Proof of Claim.

The deadline to file a claim in this matter has passed. No additional claims are being accepted at this time. The Receiver has commenced the claims review process and will send all claimants that have filed an online claim with supporting documentation an email informing them of the amount of their allowed claim

To submit a claim and participate in the Claims Process and Distribution Plan, you must fill out and submit the online Proof of Claim form and release.  As part of that process, you will be required to upload all supporting documentation that supports your claim. Supporting documentation includes, without limitation all correspondence, emails, statements, confirmations, and other documents relating to your transactions, dealings and communications with Defendants and/ or the Binary Options Platform(s), whether those documents are in electronic form.  Before beginning the online claims process, please prepare electronic copies of this documentation as you will not be able to complete your form without uploading this documentation.

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